Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May Days, May Days - Thoughts on Mother's Day

May Days, May Days,
Spring is finally in the air. What a bone cold winter! I am sure you feel the same as I do, send me some of that sunshine. I love Mother's Day. not for myself but for my late Mom Bea. My mom just loved that day. We treated her like a queen that day. My gosh, when I think of it now, she deserved it. My mom Be a, cleaned, ironed, cooked, and took care of the household and not only that, she kept laughter and love abundant in our house.
So Happy Mother's Day to my late Mom, Bea and all the Mothers. You deserve the best. So at Seaport Grille we celebrate Mother's Day with Spring in the air, flowers blooming, sunshine, and laughter. Here's to all Mother's! Cheers.

Sheree DeLorenzo Zizik
Seaport Grille at Cruiseport Gloucester

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